Lab Members

Aaron R. Haeusler
Principal Investigator

Team leader in the investigation of NRE-linked disease mechanisms and therapeutic strategies to prevent NRE-linked disease mechanisms

Ashley Boehringer
Postdoctoral Fellow

Investigating mechanisms for alleviating DPR toxicity in C9orf72 NRE-linked disease

Exploring the contribution of genome instability to neurodegenerative diseases

Katelyn A. Russell
Graduate Student of Neuroscience

Developing and characterizing a definitive mouse model for C9orf72 NRE-linked neurodegeneration

Layla Ghaffari
Graduate Student of Neuroscience

Pursuing a molecular understanding for the a role of aberrant neuronal activity to NRE-linked disease pathogenesis.

Former Lab Members

Austin Lowe
Research Assistant (2018-2019)

Pursuing a medical degree (2019)

Yu Pang
Research Assistant (2016-2018)

Pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Virginia (2018)

Kadir A. Ozcan
Research Assistant (2017-2019)

Pursuing a graduate degree at Purdue University (2019)

Yazan S. Batarseh
Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-2018)

Assistant Professor – University of Petra, Jordan (2018)

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